LawQuery provides corporate services such as training, consultancy, legal research on the applicable Kenyan laws and general compliance.


Legal Research:  We offer legal research services to individuals, firms and corporates. These include research on interpretation of the law, drawing of legal memoranda, case law analysis and comparative studies.

Compliance And Due Diligence: We offer advice based on your business or industry requirements, to ensure that you are fully compliant with the laws and regulations relevant to you.

Company Secretarial Services: We provide company secretarial services such as organizing of board and members’ meetings, taking of minutes, filing of statutory documents and returns.

Tax Consulting: Our tax consultants will provide your business with advice on issues of tax, to ensure that you are fully compliant at all times.


Our training modules include corporate seminars, community outreach programmes, and workshops. We ensure the training and simple and practical by suing the aid of group practical exercises, training resources such as LCD projectors, power point presentations, video clips and flip charts. We encourage involvement from the participants to enable us gage their understanding of the training. The facilitators use training resources and manuals that are prepared in accordance to each training session. The training is conducted through group work and exercises, case studies, lectures, and plenary discussions.


Our management training programs include:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Business establishment
  • Leadership
  • Insurance
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship Development


  • Corporate institutions
  • SMEs
  • National and County Governments
  • Financial Institutions
  • Clearing and Forwarding Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Education Institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Community Groups
  • CSOs
  • Religious Institutions
  • Women and Youth Groups
  • Health Institutions


Our training programs are divided into three categories


This training applies where a company contacts us to train its staff within its premises. The training facilities and resources used during the in-house training are provided by the company. 


This involves where an institution decides to conduct a training for its employees outside its premises. The desired venue of choice can be a hotel or an outdoor retreat centre which can also be outside town. This is beneficial to the organization as it serves as a company retreat and a training session for the personnel.


This training takes place where an organization has numerous operating branches and would like all the employees to undergo through the same training. The training is carried out in all the branches without interfering with the working hours of the employees.


Employment Law and Practice:

We offer training seminars on employment law and practice tailored for supervisors and managers. The topics are fashioned along the common pitfalls in employment practice which include: recruitment, management and dismissal of staff. The seminars are conducted by HR practitioners and advocates actively engaged in Industrial Court matters to provide insight into best practice as well offer practical solutions to the day to day issues affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Public Finance, Procurement Law and Practice:

This training seminars are ideal for persons engaged in County/ National Government as well as private sector corporations. The trainers are skilled at the practice and the law relating to public finance and procurement. Participants will benefit by attaining a deeper understanding of the laws and its practical application

Business Law, Tax and Compliance:

Corporate and individual business entities will find this training informative and instructive. Learn about the Business & Tax regime in Kenya and how to ensure compliance. From incorporating a business entity, filing various returns, and understanding legislative changes in the law of businesses and tax, this training is ideal for anyone running a business in Kenya. Each year, a special training will be available to understand the tax implications of the National Budget.

Land, Environment and Natural Resources:

This training breaks down the laws relating to land, environment and natural resources. Each topic is conducted by specialists and practitioners in the respective fields. This is suitable for corporations that have interest in land and natural resources, government groups, and persons hoping to invest in land, environment and natural resources, in order to understand their role, their obligations and how to ensure compliance at all times.

Leadership, Devolution & Governance:

We offer training on governance, national government and County governments’ budget cycle; fundamentals of devolution and citizen participation. This training targets NGOs, County Governments and religious institutions. It is important for NGOs and County governments to have a better understanding of devolution and citizen participation as they deliver services to the people. LawQuery offers this training package to boost the capacity of these key stakeholders in the governance agenda.

Children, Family and Gender:

This training is suitable for Community groups, NGOs, CSOs, Women/ Youth groups as well policy makers and stakeholders. It is tailored to fit the needs of the audience and centers on the areas of child protection, family law and gender rights. It is designed to update and inform on the strides made towards protecting the rights of Children and Women in particular within Kenyan Law. It involves discussions to challenge misguided stereotypes and practices repugnant to justice. The training is educates, refreshes and updates the society on the various aspects of law around these areas.