LawQuery Limited is a social enterprise and the creator of a legal information portal and the LawQuery Kenya mobile app. We provide summarized easy to use version of the Laws of Kenya highlighting the scope of the Act, enforcement agencies, relevant compliance requirements, and where to get redress. The portal links users to the relevant agencies and parties that provide legal help and redress.

We noted that many Kenyans would often find themselves on the wrong side of the Law simply because they were ignorant of the law. Further, many Kenyans are not aware of their rights and where to enforce their rights or get protection. At LawQuery we give a solution and provide simplified information on:

  • The Relevant Applicable Laws
  • Where to find the Law
  • Legal Requirements
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Where to file a case or dispute
  • Who can assist in getting a legal solution
  • Your legal rights
  • Your legal obligations
  • Landmark Court decisions

Activities in Kenya are well regulated and all sectors are subject to various laws. Many people are unaware of compliance requirements hence are carrying out illegal activities and will be subject to penalties and sanctions by the necessary authorities. This causes undue backlog on our judicial system and waste of funds in prosecution and penalties.

Our website currently has information on over 40 pieces of Law e.g. Land, marriage, business registration, education and employment to name a few. This is a handy site for investors, business people, legal practitioners, NGOs, Compliance Officers and the general public. We have a research team that updates information every week. We also provide legal commentary and information on topical legal issues that arise in Kenya.

The Law Query legal portal provides a solution to enhance;

  • Compliance with the law
  • Payment of necessary taxes, fees and licenses
  • Access to Justice
  • Enhancement of Human Rights protection
  • Protection from Abuse of law
  • Enforcement of necessary administrative Action
  • Reporting and prosecution of violation of any laws
  • Civic Education

We are committed to ensuring that all Kenyans can access Justice and the full protection of the Law.