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11-06-2018 |  By:  |  Comments

There are many NGOs, PBOs, CSOs, CBOs as well as social enterprises tackling various issues of public interest. They often require and request for funding from partners, sponsors and donors. Every so often an issue emerges in the society that has serious consequences. This leads many organizations to turn their efforts towards managing it. In the recent past it was all about how to reduce the number of new HIV infections, then it became about GBV sensitization and now the latest is on countering violent extremism.

Lawquery Limited was invited as a stakeholder to a conference on the role of women in countering violent extremism (First Women Human Rights and Security Conference held on 28th – 29th March 2018). The conference was organized by Haki Africa and brought together women from different backgrounds and organizations who are involved in the CVE effort within the Kenyan Coast. Seeing as the number of delegates involved exceeded 100, the obvious question put to the panel on financing CVE Projects was - "What do donors look for?" The answer in summary is that: