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Repealed Statutes

This Is A List Of Statutes Most Of Which Were Repealed Following The Promulgation Of The Constitution Of Kenya, 2010. They Can Therefore No Longer Be Referred To. 

Below is a list of statues that have since been repealed and can no longer be applied as law. Many were replaced by statutes enacted as a result of the Promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

Administration Police Act (Cap 85)

Adoption Act (Cap 143)

African Christian Marriage and Divorce Act (Cap 151) Repealed by Marriage Act, No 4 of 2014

Agriculture Act (Cap 318)  Repealed by Agriculture Fisheries and Food Authority Act No. 13 of 2013.

Agriculture Produce (Export) Act (Cap 319)

Aliens Restriction Act (Cap 173)

Antiquities and Monuments Act (Cap 215)

Arbitration Act (Cap 49)

Armed Forces Act (Cap 199)

Auctioneers Act (Cap 526)


Bankruptcy Act (Cap 53)

Board of Adult Education Act (Cap 223)

Broadcast Receiving (Apparatus) Act (Cap 224)


Canning of Crops Act (Cap 328)

Cereals and Sugar Finance Corporation Act, Cap 329

Chang'aa Prohibition Act (Cap 70)

Children and Young Persons act (Cap 141)

Civil Aviation Act (Cap 394)

Coconut Industry Act (Cap 331)

Coconut Preservation Act (Cap 332)

Coffee Act (Cap 333)

Companies Act (Cap 486)

Constituencies Development Fund Act (No 10 of 2003)

Contingencies Fund and County Emergency Funds Act (No 17 of 2011)

Continental Shelf (Cap 312)

Copyright Act (Cap 130)

Cotton Act (Cap 335)

Council of Legal Education, (Cap 16A)

County Governments Public Finance Management Transition Act (No 8 of 2013)

Court Brokers Act (Cap 20)

Crop Production Act (Cap 321)


Dangerous Drugs Act (Cap 245)

Detention Camps Act (Cap 91)

Development and Use of Land Act (Cap 303)

Diamond Industry Protection Act (Cap 310


Education Act (Cap 211)

Egerton University (Cap 214)

Election Offences Act (Cap 66)

Electric Power Act (Cap 314)

Electricity Supply Lines Act (Cap 315)

Employment Act (Cap 226)

Engineers Registration Act (Cap 530)

Exchange Control Act (Cap 113)

External Loans and Credit Act (Cap 422)


Factories Act (Cap 514)

Fiscal Management Act (Cap 412D)

Foreign Judgements Act (Cap 43) 


Governmental Financial Management Act (No 5 of 2004)

Government Lands Act, Cap 280

Grass Fires Act (Cap 327)

Guardianship of Infants Act (Cap 144)


Hindu Marriage and Divorce Act, (Cap 157)

Higher Education Loans Fund Act (Cap. 213)

Hotel Accommodation Tax Act (Cap 478)

Hotels and Restaurants Act (Cap 494)


Immigration Act (Cap 172)

Imports, Exports and Essential Supplies Act (Cap 502)

Independent Offices Appointment Act (Cap 181)

Industrial Property Act (cap. 509)

Industrial Registration Cap

Internal Loans Act (Cap 420)

Investment Promotion Centre Act (Cap 485)

Irrigation Act (Cap 347)


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (No 8 of 1994)

Justices of the Peace Act (Cap 13)


Kenya Broadcasting Act (Cap 221)

Kenya Citizenship Act (Cap 170)

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Act (No 9 of 2002)

Kenya National Examination Council Act (Cap 225A)

Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Act (Cap 411)

Kenya Regiment Territorial Force Act (Cap 200)

Kenya Tourist Development Corporation Act (Cap 382)

Kenyatta University Act (Cap 210C)


Lakes and Rivers Act (Cap 409)

Land Acquisition Act, Cap 295

Land Disputes Tribunal Act (Cap 303A)

Land Group Representatives Act (Cap 287)

Land Planning Act (Cap 303)

Land Titles Act, Cap 282

Law Reform Commission Act (Cap 3)

Law Society of Kenya Act (Cap 18)

Limited Partnerships Act (Cap 30)

Liquor Licensing Act (Cap 121)

Local Government Act  (Cap 265)


Magistrates' Courts Act (Cap 10)

Marriage Act (Cap 150)

Maseno University Act (No 7 of 2000)

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Act, (No 18 of 2006)

Matrimonial Causes Act (Cap 152)

Mazrui Lands Trust Act (Cap 289)

Media Act (Cap 411B)

Metric System Act (Cap 523)

Mining Act (Cap 306)

Mohammedan Marriage and Divorce Registration Act (Cap 155)

Mohammedan Marriage, Divorce and Succession Act (Cap 156)

Moi University (Cap 210A)

Mombasa Shop Hours Act (Cap 232)


National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act (Cap 7)

National Construction Corporation Act (Cap 493)

National Government Loans Guarantee Act (No 18 of 2011)

National Hospital Insurance Act (Cap 255)

National Museums Act (Cap 216)

National Security Intelligence Service (No 11 of 1998)

National Social Security Fund Act (Cap 258)

Non-Governmental Organizations Act (No 19 of 1990)


Offices of Minister Act (No 3 of 2010)

Outlying Districts Act (Cap 104)


Partnerships Act (Cap 29)

Patents Registration Act (Cap 508)

Paymaster-General Act (Cap 413)

Petroleum Act (Cap 116)

Police Act (Cap 84)

Political Parties Act (Cap 7A)

Prevention of Corruption Act (Cap 65)

Public Audit Act (Cap 412B)

Public Service Commission Act (No 13 of 2012)

Public Procurement and Disposal Act (Cap 412A)

Pyrethrum Act (Cap 340)


Registration of Titles Act, Cap 281

Registered Land Act, Cap 300

Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act (Cap 229)


Science and Technology Act (Cap 250)

Scrap Metal Act (Cap 503)

Shop Hours Act (Cap 231)

Sisal Act (Cap 341)

Special Districts Administration Act (Cap 105)

Specific Loan Commonwealth Act (Cap 440)

Stock Traders Licensing Act (Cap 498)

Subordinate Courts (Separation and Maintenance) Act, Cap 153

Sugar Act (No 10 of 2001)

Suppression of Noxious Weeds Act (Cap 325)



Tax Reserve Certificates Act (Cap 418)

Tea Act (Cap 343)

Teachers Service Commission Act (Cap 212)

Tourist Industry Licensing Act (Cap 381)

Trade Disputes Act (Cap 234)

Trade Licensing Act (Cap 497)

Trade Unions Act (Cap 233)

Traditional Liquor Act (Cap 122)

Trading In Unwrought Precious Metals Act (Cap 309)

Transfer of Property, Group 8

Trust Land Act (Cap 288)


United Kingdom Designs Act (Cap 510)

Units Trusts Act (Cap 521)

Universities Act (Cap 210B)

University of Nairobi Act (Cap 210)


Value Added Tax Act (Cap 476)

Video Tax Act (Cap 477)


Water Act (Cap 372)

Wayleaves Act, Cap 292

Wildlife (Conservation and Management) Act (Cap 376)

Workmen's Compensation Act (Cap 236)

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