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National Hospital Insurance Fund Act

The Act Is An Act Of Parliament That Establishes The National Hospital Insurance Fund, Which Provides For Contributions To And Payments Of Benefits Out Of The Fund And As Such Establish A Management Board For Connected Purposes Of The Fund.

The Act is an Act of Parliament that establishes the National Hospital Insurance Fund, which provides for contributions to and payments of benefits out of the Fund and as such establish a management board for connected purposes of the Fund.

The Act, under section 3 provides that there shall be a Fund established with respect to the Act. The Fund, shall be managed by the Board. The Act also provides that all contributions and other payments required by the Act shall be paid into the Fund. The Act also requires that all benefits and other payments shall be paid out of this Fund.

Establishment of the Board (Section 4)

The Act establishes a Board known as the National Hospital Insurance Fund Board of Management which consists of —

  1. A chairman to be appointed by the President by virtue of his knowledge and experience in matters relating to insurance, financial management, economics, health or business administration;
  2. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for the time being responsible for matters relating to Health or his representative;
  3. The Permanent Secretary to the Treasury or his representative;
  4. The Permanent Secretary/Director of Personnel Management or his representative;
  5. The Director of Medical Services;
  6. One person nominated by the Federation of Kenya Employers;
  7. One person nominated by the Central Organization of Trade Unions;
  8. One person nominated by the Kenya National Union of Teachers;
  9. One person nominated by the Kenya National Farmers Union;
  10. Two members appointed by the Minister as follows —
    1. One person nominated by the Association of Kenya Insurers;
    2. One person nominated by non-profit making health-care providers;
  11. The chairman of the Kenya Medical Association; and
  12. One member representing non-governmental organizations involved in the provision of health care services, nominated by the Non- Governmental Organizations Council established under the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act, 1990

The Board is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, and is capable of suing and being sued; taking, purchasing or otherwise acquiring, holding, charging and disposing of movable and immovable property; borrowing or lending money; and doing or performing all such other things or acts for the proper performance of its functions in the furtherance of the provisions of this Act, which may lawfully be done or performed by a body corporate

What are the functions and objectives of the Board? (Section 5)

The Act provides, inter alia, the functions and objects of the Board as;

  1. To receive all payments and contributions required by the Act to be made to the Fund.
  2. To make payments to the declared hospitals in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  3. To protect interests of contributors to the Fund.

What are the powers of the Board? (Section 6)

For performance of its mandate, the Act has given powers to the Board to convey certain functions. These functions include; opening a bank account(s) for the Fund, managing, controlling and administering the assets of the Fund in such a manner as best promotes the objects for which the Fund is established, among other powers.

Can the Board delegate? (Section 8)

Under section 8, the act may, by resolution, delegate to any committee of the Board or to any member or employee, agent or officer of the Board the exercise of any powers or performance of any duties or functions of the Board as specified in the Act.

Is the Board protected from personal liability? (Section 13)

Subject to section 14, no matter or thing done by a member of the Board or any officer, employee or agent of the Board shall, if the matter or thing is done bona fide for executing the functions, powers or duties of the Board under this Act, render the member, officer, employee or agent or any person acting on their directions personally liable to any action, claim or demand whatsoever.

Liability from damages (Section 14)

The Act provides that, despite the provisions of section 13 on protection from liability, the Board shall not be relieved of the liability to pay damages or compensation to any person or his property or interests caused by the exercise of any powers conferred by this Act, or by the failure partially or wholly.



Who can contribute to the Fund? (Section 15)

Any person:

  • Who is ordinarily resident in Kenya; and
  • Who has attained the age of 18 years; and
  • Whose total income, whether derived from salaried or self-employment, in the immediately preceding month, was not less than such amount as the Board, in consultation with the Minister, may prescribe, is liable as a contributor to the Fund.

A person liable as a contributor is required to pay to the Board either a Standard Contribution (if he is salaried) or a Special Contribution (if he is self employed).

Modification of the Act in special cases (Section 28)

The regulations made by the Board may modify the provisions of the Act as it deems fit especially to accommodate persons who are or have been contributors while outside Kenya and persons who are employed on board any aircraft or ship.

Rate of Contribution

The rate of contribution is determined by the Board in consultation with the Minister, and is based on the person (Contributor's) total income. The contribution is required to be paid on the  first day of each month or on such later date as the Board, in consultation with the Minister, may prescribe.

Standard Contributions (Section 16)

  • It is deducted monthly from the salary of the contributor (employee) by the employer.
  • The employer pays the deducted contribution to the Fund monthly
  • There is a penalty for late payment of the contribution
  • An employer shall not be liable to pay the standard contribution in respect of any person employed by him for any month—
    • In which he was not at any time the employer of that person (except where the employment is terminated in the month immediately preceding that month);
    • In which he was not the employer on the first day of that month, unless that contribution has not been paid before the day in that month when he becomes the employer, in which case he shall only become liable seven days after that day; or
    • In respect of which the salary or other remuneration payable by him after all other statutory deductions have been made therefrom, are not sufficient to pay that contribution.

For this reason, the Act authorises an employer to automatically deduct the contribution from the employee's salary.

If for any reason an employer is unable to ascertain whether any person employed by him is liable to pay the standard contribution for any month, he may apply to the Board for a decision, and, subject to the provisions of section 31, any decision given by the Board thereon shall be final and binding on that employer.

What persons can be treated as employers? (Section 17)

Contributors who work under the general control and management of a person other than their employer, immediate and in relation to any other case of employment for which it appears to the Board that special division is needed, such a person may be treated as an employer for purposes of the Act


Special Contributions (Section 19)

  • A person who is liable to pay a special contribution is required to do so on the first day of each month or on such a later date as the Board may specify and in rates as specified by the Board.
  • A penalty is applied for failure or late payment.

Voluntary Contributions (Section 20)

The Act has given mandate to the Board to make regulations in respect to voluntary contributions and prescribe the manner in which such contributions are made and the procedures followed and the forms to be used. For members under the voluntary category, they pay Kshs.500 per month (Kshs.6000 per annum). 

Payment of benefits (Section 22)

From the Fund, the Board is required, to pay such amounts incurred to declared hospitals by the contributor, his named spouse and children. Subject to the provisions of the Act the expenses shall cover both out-patient and in-patient facilities.

The benefits payable from the Fund  are limited to expenses incurred in respect of drugs, laboratory tests and diagnostic services, surgical, dental or medical procedures or equipment; physiotherapy care and doctors’ fees, food and boarding costs, subject to limits, regulations and conditions prescribed by the Board in consultation with the Minister.

Claims are submitted by hospitals directly to NHIF after the contributors have been discharged from the hospitals. The claims are examined by the Fund to ensure validity before payment.
A claim can however be rejected and the hospital informed accordingly to incorporate either the missing documents or to address the abnormalities identified.
The Fund strives to pay claims within 14 days upon receipt of the claim from the hospitals. Members who opt to clear the bills with the hospital may launch a general claim directly to NHIF for reimbursement.

No payment shall be made unless the contributor produces, at the time of making the claim, a card issued to him showing payment for the last month in the year for which it became due and for every preceding month in that year, commencing with the first month in respect of which he became liable as a contributor that year, or such other evidence of those payments as the Board may prescribe.


What is used as evidence of payment of contributions? (Section 21)

  • Upon application, the Board may prescribe issuance of a card to a person liable as a contributor to the Fund in that financial year.
  • On that National Hospital Insurance Card, shall be inscribed the personal details of the card holder such as the name and identification number.
  • For purposes of adducing evidence towards issuance of a card, the Board may require the person to bring forth such evidence that he is a likely contributor to the Fund, evidence that he has being paying standard contributions towards the Fund and to surrender any card issued to or in respect of that person for the immediately preceding financial year.
  • In order to ascertain payment of standard contributions by any person in any month, an officer authorized by the Board may put questions either orally or in writing to the person. The officer may also require the person to furnish documents as evidence of payment of the contributions.

What constitutes conclusive evidence of payment of contributions? (Section 21(5))

The following shall constitute conclusive evidence that a contribution for any month in any financial year has been paid by a person—

  • A stamp duly affixed to a card issued to that person for that month, and duly cancelled, in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
  • A receipt issued under section 23(2);
  • A record of payment in the register of contributors to the Fund kept in accordance with section 23(1) of this Act;
  • In the case of a standard contribution, a record in the contributor’s monthly pay-slip that the contribution has been deducted from his salary for the month or months at issue.

In consultation with the Cabinet Secretary and the chairman of the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, the Board to the Fund may, by way of Gazette declare any hospital, nursing home or maternity home to be a hospital for the purposes of this Act. This declaration may be made subject to such conditions as the Board thinks fit as to the charges which may be made by the hospital to any contributor under this Act (including conditions as to the amount of such charges and the requirement of the Board’s consent to any variation thereof) and where any such conditions are made the Board may publish such conditions in the Gazette or in such other manner as it thinks fit; and it shall not be lawful for the hospital to make any charge to any contributor under this Act which is contrary to such condition.

However, the Board may, at any time and in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary, revoke any declaration of hospitals made under this Act.

Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Board, in consultation with the Minister, may make regulations for the determination by the Board or by any officer thereof, or by a person or body of persons appointed or constituted in accordance with the regulations, of any question arising under or in connection with this Act, including any claim for a benefit, and subject to the provisions of the regulations, a decision in accordance therewith shall be final.

(2) Regulations under subsection (1) may provide—

(a) For enabling appeals to be brought from the decisions of any officer, person or body of persons to any other person or body appointed or constituted in accordance with the regulations to hear such appeals;

(b) For the reference to the High Court for decision on any question of law arising in connection with the determination of any question by any officer, person or body of persons and for appeals to the High Court from the decision of any such officer, person or body on any such question of law; and the Chief Justice shall have power to make rules of court for regulating such references and appeals, for empowering the court to make orders as to the costs of such references and appeals, and for limiting the time within which such appeals may be brought

No duty shall be chargeable under the Stamp Duty Act (Cap. 480) in respect of any instrument executed by any person on behalf of or in favour of the Board or in respect of the payment of any benefit or in refunding any contribution under this Act in any case where, but for this exemption, the Board or any person acting on its behalf would be liable to pay such duty

Proceedings in respect of an offence under this Act, may, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any other written law, be commenced at any time within the period of three months from the date on which evidence sufficient in the opinion of the Board to justify a prosecution for an offence, comes to its knowledge, or within the period of twelve months after the commission of the offence, whichever is shorter

(1) The court before which any person is convicted of an offence under this Act may, without prejudice to any civil remedy, order such person to pay to the Board, as the case may be, the amount of any standard contribution or any other sum, together with any penalty found to be due from such person to the Board and any sum so ordered shall be recoverable as a fine and paid into the Fund.

(2) All sums due to the Board shall be recoverable as debts due to the Board, and without prejudice to any other remedy, may be recovered by the Board summarily as a civil debt.

3) All criminal and civil proceedings under this Act may, without prejudice to any other power in that behalf, be instituted by any inspector or other officer of the Board.

(4) All sums recovered by legal proceedings in respect of moneys which should have been paid into the Fund shall, when recovered, be paid into the Fund.[1]

Recovery of compensation or damage. (Section 43)

This section of the Act was amended under the Amendment Bill, 2015 of the Act. It goes ahead to state that; where a contributor to the Fund is entitled, whether under the Workmen's Compensation Act (Cap. 236) or otherwise, to recover compensation or damages in respect of any injury or illness, he shall not, to the extent to which such compensation or damages are recoverable, be entitled to any benefits in respect of any treatment undergone by him as a result of such injury or illness, and any benefits paid in respect of such treatment, shall to the extent to which such compensation or damages have been recovered, be repaid to the Board: Provided that the payment of any benefits as aforesaid shall not preclude the right of the contributor to recover any compensation or damages.[2]

Evidence (Section 44)

The Act provides that, in the event of any proceedings under the Act, a copy of any entry or extracts from the register or records of the Funds, shall be received as prima facie evidence. This, however, is subject to the attestation of such documents as true copies by a certificate purporting to be signed by the chief executive of the Board or a person authorized to place such signature on his behalf.





General penalties relating to offences under the Act for which no penalty is prescribed

Section 45, National Hospital Insurance Act Fund.

Fine not exceeding fifty thousand shillings or a term not exceeding two years imprisonment or both.

Wilful delay or obstruction of an inspector. Refusal or neglect to answer questions or furnish information to inspectors.

Section 32 (3), National Hospital Insurance Fund Act.

Fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings. In the case of a conviction for making false claims or receiving illegal benefits shall be required to make good any moneys falsely received.

False information by inspectors.

Section 32 (6), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding ten thousand shillings or imprisonment of not more than 12 months or both.

False statements to obtain benefits

Section 25 (1), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding five hundred thousand shillings or imprisonment not exceeding 24 months or both.

Impersonation of persons to obtain benefits.

Section 25 (2), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding 500,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or both.

Printing or selling of stamps of the provisions of this Act

Section 25 (3), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding one million or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both.

Fraudulent information by a declared hospital to defraud the Board

Section 25 (4), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding 500,000 or suspension from the list of declared hospitals for a period not exceeding 5 years.

False statement to affect one’s liability to pay a standard contributions

Section 21 (4), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding 10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both.

Use of another’s card in order to benefit off a claim.

Section 21 (6), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding 20, 000 or imprisonment not exceeding 18 months or both.

Failure by a contributor to pay special contribution, without lawful excuse.

Section 19 (3), National Hospital Insurance Amendment Bill, 2015

Fine equal to four times the amount of that contribution but the imposition of any such fine shall not affect the liability of such person to pay the penalty prescribed by subsection (2) below.

Failure to pay special contributions in time.

Section 19 (2), National Hospital Insurance Amendment Bill, 2015

Penalty equal to five times the amount of the contribution shall be payable by that person for each month or part thereof during which the contribution remains unpaid, and any such penalty shall be recoverable as a sum due to the Fund and when recovered shall be paid into the Fund.

Late payment of standard contributions.

Section 18, National Hospital Insurance Amendment Bill, 2015

Penalty equal to five times the amount of that contribution shall be payable by that person for each month or part thereof during which the contribution remains unpaid, and any such penalty shall be recoverable as a sum due to the Fund, and when recovered, shall be paid into the Fund.

If an employer fails to pay a standard contribution in respect of any person employed by him-

(a) that employer shall be liable to pay the penalty prescribed in subsection (1);

(b) That employee shall not be liable to any penalty under this section for so long as he is employed by that employer.

(3) Where a contributor is outside Kenya on the day when a standard contribution becomes payable by him, that contribution shall, for the purposes of this section, be deemed to become payable on the day of his return to Kenya.

Failure to pay (without lawful excuse) the contributions in time or knowingly deducting some amount purporting to be made towards the Fund which is in fact false.

Section 16 (6), National Hospital Insurance Act.

Fine not exceeding 50, 000 shillings.

These are defined under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (Standard and Special Contributions) Regulations, 2003. These regulations carry within a series of subsidiary legislation. These include;

L.N. 14/2015: this legal notice took effect on 1st April 2015. It seeks to propose the premiums to be contributed by persons according to different categories of income.

Gross Income (Kshs.)

Proposed Premiums (Kshs.)

































100,000 and over


Self-employed (Special)


L.N. 107/2010: this legal notice seeks to give powers to the Board to determine the income of a special contributor. The Board may require such evidence and documentation as it may deem necessary. This is reflected in section 15 of the Act

L.N. 186/2003, L.N. 17/2005: these regulations may be cited as the National Hospital Insurance Fund (Accreditation) Regulations, 2003. They deal with accreditation of hospitals and other health facilities as declared hospitals by the Act. Every hospital that wishes to be declared as one under the Act is required to fill a prescribed form by the Board. The prescribed form contains information on such facilities and issues as are necessary for the delivery of the services for which the institution seeks accreditation, registration and gazettement. This is reflected in section 25 and 32 of the Act.

The Fund strives to accredit as many hospitals as possible so as to ensure all members access NHIF benefits whenever they are across the country.
NHIF has an objective accreditation criteria and guidelines that aim to encourage hospitals towards quality improvement.
Accredited organizations are those recognized by the Fund and allowed to offer services to NHIF members and claim reimbursements thereof.
Accreditation of a health provider takes into account the services, personnel, infrastructure and equipments among other issues that the institutions have. The level of rebate therefore corresponds to the grade after scoring the various aspects.
The Fund, further contracts the health facilities to ensure they provide services comprehensively. This means that NHIF members walk in and walk out of the facilities fully treated at the cost of NHIF without making additional payments.
The contracts spell out the obligations of the health provider and NHIF.

Requirements for Registration

Kenyan Residents
1. Copy of National I.D (including spouse if applicable)
2. Copy of Employer Appointment/Introduction Letter (excludes self employed/voluntary contributors)
3. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependants if applicable)
4. Original & copies of Birth Certificate(s) for dependants

Foreign Residents

1. Copies of passport, alien certificate or work permit (including spouse if applicable)
2. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependants if applicable)

Foreign Students

1. Copy of passport
2. Coloured passport photo
3. Submit the required amount under the Voluntary/Self Employed Category

Where to drop off your registration form

At any of the NHIF branches located country wide.

  1. Upon admission in hospital an NHIF member is accorded services and the hospital makes a claim to the Fund for reimbursement
  2. An in-patient cover for the contributor, declared spouse and children
  3. Provides comprehensive medical cover in majority of over 400 accredited Government facilities, Mission health providers and some private health providers across the country
  4. Provides in-patient services in private and high cost hospitals on a co-payment basis
  5. Comprehensive maternity and CS (Caesarian) package in government hospitals, majority of mission and some private hospitals
  6. Dialysis at Ksh 2,500 per session at the following medical facilities:-

- Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi
- Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital, Eldoret
- Provincial General Hospital Kisumu
- Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru
- Coast General Hospital, Mombasa
- Siloam Hospital, Kericho
- Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Centre
- Muranga District Hospital, Muranga
- Thika Level 5 Hospital, Thika
- P.C.E.A Hospital, Kikuyu
- Consolata Hospital, Nyeri
- Tawfiq Hospital, Malindi
- Africare Limited
- Kakamega Country General Hospital
Family planning' Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation
NHIF does not exclude any disease.




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Nyamira Nyamira Sakami Hse, 1st Floor (main street) 962 -40500Nyamira (020)80641280775369601
Nairobi Nairobi NHIF Car Park Bg, Gd Floor 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723255 / 6
Nairobi Kenyatta KNH Hospital 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723305
Nairobi Eastleigh Sunrise Shopping Mall 7468-00610 NRB (020) 8055788
Nairobi Pumwani Pumwani Maternity hosp. 1177-00515 Buruburu 020-67632972371981
Nairobi Westlands Bandari Plaza, 1st Fl, Woodvale Groove 719-00606 Nairobi (020)4452462 / 4449922
Nairobi Kangemi Palace Bldg Opp Cooperative Bank 719-00606 Nairobi (020)4452462 / 4449922
Nairobi Buruburu Buruburu Business Complex, 3rd flr Mumias Rd 1177-00515 Buruburu (020)-2465577 020-7786690
Nairobi Gikomba Gikomba House Kombo Munyiri Road 1177-00515 (020) 2047161 / 2210026
Nairobi Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Spine Rd off Kangundo Rd 1177-00515 Buruburu 020 – 2659608
Nairobi Industrial Area Liberty Plaza Opp Imara Daima Junction off Mbs Rd 143-00507 Viwandani 020 - 2538871
Nairobi Ruaraka Sabaki Centre, 1st Floor, Outering Rd 1105-00618, Ruaraka (020)- 2465578
Phone : (020) 272 3246
  : (020) 272 3281/2
: (020) 272 3290
: (020) 272 3296/7
: (020) 272 2527
: (020) 271 4793
: (020) 271 4794
: (020) 271 4804

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed

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