Power of Your Vote

Kenya is a very a youthful country.The median age is estimated at 19 years,and about 80 percent of Kenya’s population is below 35 years.To a very large extent, Kenya’s youth-defined as individuals between the ages of 18 and 35—will determine the shape of the country’s future.

This can be peacefully articulated through the power of the ballot. When we vote, we create a generational legacy of either good or bad leaders depending on the choice of leaders that we make.

For presidential elections, the candidates must have 50% +1 votes. This means that in order for a candidate to win the first round, they are required to have 50% of the votes +1. This means that without the +1, there will be a runoff, also called a ballotage.

How to Vote?

  1. Voter presents themselves at the polling station where they registered to vote for identification
  2. Voter’s information is verified from the computer
  3. Voter is issued with 6 stamped ballot papers
  4. Voter marks the ballot papers  
  • Voter casts his/her votes
  • Left small finger marked with indelible ink
  • Voter leaves polling centre

The below diagram shows the above procedure in prose and cons.


  1. Dress code- When coming in to vote, you should not be dressed in any party colors or conduct campaigns at the polling station or chant any party o candidate. And once you are done casting your vote, go home and wait for the results, do not wait for them at the polling station.
  2. There are only 3 marks– A tick, an X and fingerprint.
  3. Take time to check if the symbol and the candidate are tallying. If they are not, report to the presiding officer or ask for guidance.
  4. The colors- there are different colors for different elective posts. We must know and differentiate them. WHITE– President, BLUE– Governor, YELLOW– Senator,  PURPLE-Women Representative, BEIGE(Brown)- Member of County Assembly , GREEN– Member of Parliament
  5. Marking of the ballot papers- ensure that the mark is within the boundary of the box.

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