Social distancing measures

1. Maintain appropriate distances between workstations, keep at least one work station open between clients

 2. Limit the number of people at a given time such that minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people is achieved

 3. Clients to wait outside until the hair dresser / beautician / barber is ready to attend to them

4. Encourage cashless

Cleaning, disinfection and protective gear protocols

  1. All workers/beauticians and customers shall don masks at all times while at the salon/barbershop.
  2.   The owner of the salon/barbershop shall provide enough hand washing stations with running water and soap and hand sanitizers
  3.  Clean and disinfect workstations and tools with alcohol based disinfectants/ UV sterilizer, after each client.
  4. Premises to be cleaned on a regular basis, with soap or alcohol based disinfectants
  5. Windows shall remain open during work hours
  6. Use clean capes for every client, capes should be laundered between each client, alternatively salons/barber shops may consider using disposable capes and dispose the same after use
  7. Disinfect/sterilize hair equipment and workstations after serving every client
  8.   Clean high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, handles, faucets, sinks) regularly and thoroughly with soap or alcohol-based disinfectants, minimum twice daily, preferably 3-4 times daily
  9.  Clean and disinfect all restroom surfaces including floors, sinks and toilet bowls daily, minimum twice daily, preferably 3-4 times daily
  10.  mandatory hand-washing after every client or use hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol content
  11.  hand washing for people entering the premises
  12.   Provide separate receptacles for storing used masks and other PPEs meant before disposal

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Source: Guidelines and Protocols for Business Operations during Covid-19 by the ministry of Industrialization, Trade and enterprise development.

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